The Mary Rose Museum

The Mary Rose is a historical ship which was built in 1509 and served the mighty King Henry VIII. The ship was lost in a battle between France and England in 1545 and it wasn’t until 1982 that the boat was raised from the deep blue ocean.rcd Mary Rose new Museum

Finally, 31 years later, the Mary Rose is going on show to the public through a lovely modern museum! The museum, designed by Wilkinson Eyre and Pringle Brandon, is opening on 14th April 2013 in the Historic Dockyards. The museum was scheduled to open last year and we’re hoping that the delay is worth the wait! The delays were partly caused by construction issues, especially getting the perfect casings to protect all the important historical artefacts. But the new museum will allow the public up close and to feel like you are almost walking on board the ship.

Here at Priory, we’re excited to see how the magnificent ship has survived and to see the mysteries in the new museum.

By Stefani

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