Dangerous diver

We interviewed Peter Waterfield, to see what it is like to dive and to be an amazing Olympian.

Priory reporter: How long did you train for the Olympics?

Peter Waterfield: ‘’It takes me 4 whole years but we train constantly every day, I train for about 4-6hours a day for 4 days. We train until the next Olympics come along.’’

Priory reporter: Why did you decide to take up diving?

Peter Waterfield: ‘’Well at the age of nine I was into many different different sports such as; Football, Judo, Karate, and many more. I couldn’t really swim at the time; I only learnt to swim because my dad took me fishing – in case I fell into the water I had to learn to swim. So I went swimming one day and then at one end of the pool I saw people diving and I thought it looked cool so I wanted to learn to dive as well so that’s why I decided to dive.’’

Priory reporter: Have you ever meat Usain Bolt and what was he like?

Peter Waterfield: “Well no I have never met him face to face so I don’t exactly know what he’s like but I have been in the same room as him.”

Priory reporter: Do you have a favourite event at the Olympics other then diving?

Peter Waterfield: “Well I tend to like football because I have been playing football since I was nine I also watched the Canoe slalom events in the Olympics and I thought that looked awesome and I was thinking of trying it.”

Priory reporter: what do you think of the venue for priory sports day at Southsea?

Peter Waterfield: “I think it is really Amazing venue for the pupils and teachers, the skatepark is really good, I am thinking of bringing my son here one day because my son really enjoys playing on his scooter.”

Priory reporter: what is your favourite dive?

Peter Waterfield: “My favourite dive is the reverse three and a half summer salt, I like this dive because it is the most dangerous dive and I like to be dangerous.”

“It is amazing being a part of the Olympics because only some people get selected – not every athlete.’’

It was a great honour meeting one of the great diving Olympians, reported by Felicity M and Bethany A.

Felicity M; when I met Peter Waterfield I found out that he is a really friendly man and is good to get to know.

Bethany A: when I met Peter Water field he was very friendly and I found out many things about him he was easy to go and talk to.

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