#geographycamp14 Today’s Games!

After a long and eventful day of learning, exploring, and creating, the students participated in two interesting and fun games.

Invertebrates vs. Mammals was a fun team game which brought out the predators and safety-seekers in our competitors. Students were divided into the two categories, and creatures were called out at the start of each round. If it was a mammal, invertebrates had to chase them down, and vice versa. Once captured one would transform into the other type. Memorable moments were from students who would habitually run away preferring safety instead of danger – even when they were the attackers, and students who would run headfirst into battle without a care whether they were the predator or the prey. The game as a great way to reinforce the concepts and creatures we had learned about through the day.

To end the day, students participated in their first ever Mini-Olympics! Six teams participated in events like long jump, high jump, team relay, javelin, and shot put… but each with a twist! Long jump saw a new Juniper record of 3 meters 54 cm with tiddlywinks! High jump tested how high students could hop on one foot – to a three way tie! Students had to count seconds as accurately as they could while jogging on the spot in relay and team relay – harder than it looks! Javelin and shot put replaced the standard tools with straws and sponges to see how well students could manage their aerodynamic properties. Teams cheered on their comrades and opponents alike, and a fantastic effort was put in by all. In the end, team “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” reigned supreme.

A great effort and good fun to end another action packed day!

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