#geographycamp14 – John Muir Award

We have been working all weekend to meet the John Muir Award Level 1. As well as to have fun of course.

John Muir was an explorer and loved the outdoors, he wanted to protect it and share it with other people so they could enjoy as well.

We have met the award in different ways. Here:

Discover: we have discovered the woodlands and hills around Juniper Hall on the Box Hill estate. We discovered new habitats we hadn’t seen before compared to Portsmouth. We discovered small mammals of field mice and voles. We discovered minibeasts in the woods. We discovered water bugs in the pond dipping. We discovered what the sky looked like at night with all the stars, and what an owl sounds like in real life. We discovered that there is a special snail that lives here that is the biggest one.

Explore: we have explored lots. We explored all over the grounds doing orienteering. We explored the Ha Ha and woods to see what creatures and plants live there and why. We explored the woods to see what they are made of and how they are different to parks at home or to the rainforest we have studied. We explored Happy Valley and why it is a valley. We explored the woods to make shelters and national parks. We explored the big muddy puddles! We explored the grounds and found different plants – and some very weird looking vegetables we had never seen.

Conserve: we conserved by working on the dead hedge project. We cut down bits of dead fallen tree and shrubs and recycled these into a dead hedge like weaving. This makes the area neat and gives a habitat for small mammals and minibeasts. Also it helps store carbon which means less greenhouse gases and global warming trouble. We also conserved when we made shelters in the woods because we only used fallen material and put it all back to how it was before we started. We heard we should ‘take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints’. We also conserved our environment inside and out because we kept the gardens and house clean and tidy.

Share: we have shared our work with the world through twitter and the blog. We have also told our families. And back at school we will share with our friends and will be doing an assembly to other year 8 and year 7 all about what we did and learnt.

We also had some fun meeting the award by doing funny missions from the Mission:Explore book. Things like ‘Nature’s symphony’ where we made music to match our natural surroundings and only used natural items. We did some percussion on the tree trunks and using sticks and branches to make a rhythm in the woods. We also did the ‘Act like a Victorian’ mission – although we didn’t have a blanket. But we did find some pond life creatures and then we imagined what we would name them if we were the first people to discover them. We did this before we looked at the real name. So we had the ‘invisible flipping worm’ instead of the midge larvae. We made ‘National Parks’  in miniature in the woods. Different groups made different things like rainforests, lakes, fishing parks or climbing trees – using only natural materials and on a small scale. We did lots.

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