#geographycamp14 What is live blogging?

We’ve been learning new skills this weekend. For me, Jabed, I have learnt how to write blogs. It’s been good as I’ve been documenting what goes on over the weekend, along with other people. We’ve used the Windows8 tablets, the iphones and the flip cameras to record what we are up to and share with the world. On the Windows8 laptop we’ve been doing live blogging. This is when you blog right at the very moment of doing something. I’ve used the centre wifi or Ms Debens phone to get internet and then it means I can write about what we do and share photos straight away.

We’ve blogged from the woods during shelter building, from on top of the hill, from the campfire, wherever. Anywhere. It means parents and teachers and people from away can see our work and our fun.

Also, we’ve been tweeting out pictures through the @priorysouthea and @priorygeography twitter accounts. Miss or Sir checks we are being safe and what we are uploading, and we make sure we don’t break e-safety rules but it’s good.

It’s really exciting knowing other people can see what we do and it makes us proud when we get comments back or if people read the blog or favourite a tweet. So I’ve learnt something new.

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