HMS Warrior

over the day we have been collecting information about the ship and history in the historic dockyards.

We found out the HMS Warrior has a sister called HMS Black Prince. We also found out that Warrior conducted a publicity tour of Great Britain in 1863 and spent her active carer with the channel squadron. On top of that, she built in 1859 and finished in 1861. She was built for the Royal Navy to help win the Napoleonic war. Another ship we collected information for was HMS Victory. She was a 104 gun fist-rate ship for a front line space with the Royal Navy. It was the year of 1922 when she was moved to a dry dock at Portsmouth/England. The  dock is better known as the Historic Dockyard she is being preserved as a museum ship. She is also the oldest ship still in commission. We also interviewed the chief executive officer of the Historic Dockyard, Lincoln Clark.

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