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Loving the sun!

Go team!

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Team discussion

Everyone’s taking part!

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Ben enjoying a ride in the park..

Having fun on his bike

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Today we interviewed Mr Kent to find out some interesting facts about sports day.

PR: Why did you decide to have the sporting venue here in Southsea?

Mr Kent: There is an iconic backdrop, the pupils of priory can all play sport at the same time but different events, but the school is too small to provide the places we need to use.

PR: How long have you been teaching PE at priory?

Mr Kent: At priory I have been teaching PE for 6 years but over all I have been teaching PE for 16 years.

PR: what sport do you most enjoy?

Mr Kent: I enjoy doing Golf, Running, Swimming and cycling.

Reported by Felicity and Bethany

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It’s all chilled out at media headquarters at the skatepark, everyones busy interviewing taking pictures, or just updating the blog, lunch is soon, I think everyone’s looking forward to a well desebrakes jean!

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Enjoying the rollerskating

Priory Student enjoying the roller skating

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Priory Sports Day 2013

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Official team co-operation!

As year 9 endeavour prepare for another round of ultimate frisbee, they have a team tactics discussion, this is what priory school is all about.

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The Backdrop To A Fantastic Day

Amazing weather for amazing matches

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Rosie K: This years sports day, is better than last year, it’s more organised and has better safety.

Student review

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Dangerous diver

We interviewed Peter Waterfield, to see what it is like to dive and to be an amazing Olympian.

Priory reporter: How long did you train for the Olympics?

Peter Waterfield: ‘’It takes me 4 whole years but we train constantly every day, I train for about 4-6hours a day for 4 days. We train until the next Olympics come along.’’

Priory reporter: Why did you decide to take up diving?

Peter Waterfield: ‘’Well at the age of nine I was into many different different sports such as; Football, Judo, Karate, and many more. I couldn’t really swim at the time; I only learnt to swim because my dad took me fishing – in case I fell into the water I had to learn to swim. So I went swimming one day and then at one end of the pool I saw people diving and I thought it looked cool so I wanted to learn to dive as well so that’s why I decided to dive.’’

Priory reporter: Have you ever meat Usain Bolt and what was he like?

Peter Waterfield: “Well no I have never met him face to face so I don’t exactly know what he’s like but I have been in the same room as him.”

Priory reporter: Do you have a favourite event at the Olympics other then diving?

Peter Waterfield: “Well I tend to like football because I have been playing football since I was nine I also watched the Canoe slalom events in the Olympics and I thought that looked awesome and I was thinking of trying it.”

Priory reporter: what do you think of the venue for priory sports day at Southsea?

Peter Waterfield: “I think it is really Amazing venue for the pupils and teachers, the skatepark is really good, I am thinking of bringing my son here one day because my son really enjoys playing on his scooter.”

Priory reporter: what is your favourite dive?

Peter Waterfield: “My favourite dive is the reverse three and a half summer salt, I like this dive because it is the most dangerous dive and I like to be dangerous.”

“It is amazing being a part of the Olympics because only some people get selected – not every athlete.’’

It was a great honour meeting one of the great diving Olympians, reported by Felicity M and Bethany A.

Felicity M; when I met Peter Waterfield I found out that he is a really friendly man and is good to get to know.

Bethany A: when I met Peter Water field he was very friendly and I found out many things about him he was easy to go and talk to.

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Mr Eggett – This is my first sports day and by the looks on everyone’s faces, people are having a good time, the event is very well organised if you ask me.

Teacher review

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Sports day so far!

Priory students seem to be enjoying themselves to the full, it’s great to see everyone working together and having a good time!

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Mr Cotton – The weathers lovely, I’ve been very impressed with the skaters in the skatepark, it’s quite impressive, I couldn’t do it at my age!

We do love you Mr Cotton 

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Fay Edwards – From what I’ve seen so far it makes me proud to be a student at priory, I’ve seen a lot of happy faces walking around as Media and have taken a rage of different photos which you can see on the blog, it’s really great, sports day has improved so much since we started doing it on the common from last year, I really like it.

Student review 

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