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Facilities at the Historic Dockyard

Fabulous facilities


Here at the dockyard there is so much to see and do and not to mention the memories that will stay with you forever. For example you can:

Go to action stations and in which you can

Test your reflexes

Test your strength on a moving rock wall

Watch a brilliant informational film

Learn how key compartments to a naval ship works

You can have fun in a helicopter flight simulator

Test your shooting skills on a virtual simulator

You can even see how well you can cope t be in charge of a naval gun

And lets not forget the almighty laser quest


On top of all this you cannot forget the brilliant sights of the ships that have kept us shriving for years

You can even stand on the very deck that our navy heroes stood on many years ago

You can go into the range of shops and buy souvenirs for all the family


All this and memories just waiting to be made

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Recycling HMS Illustrious!

Recycling HMS Illustrious!

Priory students have been developing ideas on changing HMS Illustrious now it is being decommissioned. Should it be a tourist attraction? Should it be sent to Hull? Or should it be sustainably recycled into a new wind turbine farm? Your thoughts?

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