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Facilities at the Historic Dockyard

Fabulous facilities


Here at the dockyard there is so much to see and do and not to mention the memories that will stay with you forever. For example you can:

Go to action stations and in which you can

Test your reflexes

Test your strength on a moving rock wall

Watch a brilliant informational film

Learn how key compartments to a naval ship works

You can have fun in a helicopter flight simulator

Test your shooting skills on a virtual simulator

You can even see how well you can cope t be in charge of a naval gun

And lets not forget the almighty laser quest


On top of all this you cannot forget the brilliant sights of the ships that have kept us shriving for years

You can even stand on the very deck that our navy heroes stood on many years ago

You can go into the range of shops and buy souvenirs for all the family


All this and memories just waiting to be made

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The sustainability challenge – will it stand up to testing?


Priory Portsmouth School has been down at the action stations in the historic dockyard and some of the pupils have been working hard all day to do the sustainability challenge. What they had to do is build a working wind turbine that must spin. They also had to build a house, a power plant and two other wind turbines. But when they tried to make it work it all fell apart. We came 3rd place. 😦 but they still had fun. 🙂

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The sustainability challenge: Priory vs Milton Cross

Priory Geography is an Expert Centre for the Global Learning Programme which means we try to take part in learning about global issues like sustainability, poverty, world development, the environment, climate change, etc and share this with others.

Today during BBC School Report some of Priory’s students have been doing a Sustainability Scrapheap Challenge against Milton Cross school.

The mission was this:

HMS Illustrious is being decommissioned and the navy are deciding what to do with it. Should it be turned into a floating hospital? Into a tourist venue? Or should the materials be recycled into something to make energy? What is the most sustainable decision?

Action Stations took a load of materials and scrap from the dockyard and created three scale model aircraft carriers.

The teams have to take all of the materials and use them to create a working model wind turbine farm.

The wind turbine has to look the part but also has to create a circuit that works – a lightbulb has to be lit.

It is Team Priory vs Team Milton Cross.


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Being interviewed on BBC Radio Solent!

Two of our BBC School Reporters were lucky enough to be invited to the BBC South Today news studio at Gunwharf this morning.

Alex and Amber were interviewed live on the morning show by Julian Clegg. This is what they said about the experience:

“I felt nervous and confused thinking about what to say! It was exciting and a totally different experience to what I would normally do. My first time in a radio interview!” said Amber.

“I felt nervous at first but then gradually overcame this. It was nice being in a real studio and getting a feel for what being a presenter really feels like. It has helped me to rethink what I might do in future and I am interested in journalism.” said Alex.

Ms Debens was really impressed with the girls and said “they handled the pressure really well. It’s quite a difficult situation to know when to talk and who to listen to so they explained themselves brilliantly”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The report can be heard on the Radio Solent website later today.

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Exploring poetry through laser quest?

Can a simulation of laser quest inspire poetry? Can it help you empathise with being in a difficult situation or war zone? Our school reporters tried it out.

Here is one poem:

Hot and sweaty ’twas the environment.

I clasped my gun to my chest, hoping not to be shot.

The atmosphere was buzzing. Red and blue lights hiding from danger.

Darkness: the game has began.

Ramps and hidden debris, fellow opponents hiding.

My head was racing and heart pumping as I ran through the misty atmosphere.

But yet I stood there with glee as I zapped at the red team.


By Alex

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Laser quest adventure simulation

Laser quest was really fun but it was quite hard. It was also hard because it was really dark and noisy but overall it was really good and fun to play against your friends. You also let your competitive side out and you take it seriously. I also got annoyed because I would hit the opponents anywhere but where we were supposed to hit them in specific places which was difficult. If I were in a real battle field I would be quite scared but I’d rather stick with laser quest and competition.


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BBC School Report 2014

It’s that time of year again! A team of would-be journalists have invaded Action Stations at the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth in order to spend the day learning how to make the news.

BBC School Report is run each year and over 1000 schools take part with thousands of children aged 12-15 taking part.

The students representing @priorygeography this year are mostly from Year 8 with a few experienced Year 9 students who took part last year who are acting as mentors and guiding the day.

Topics of the day include the decommissioning of HMS Illustrious and its future, how to be sustainable, the tourist attractions of the dockyard, interviewing the public about the future of the dockyard itself and any other news that breaks.

Stories will be posted on here as they are written, but tune back in at 2pm to see the final filmed report!

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Recycling HMS Illustrious!

Recycling HMS Illustrious!

Priory students have been developing ideas on changing HMS Illustrious now it is being decommissioned. Should it be a tourist attraction? Should it be sent to Hull? Or should it be sustainably recycled into a new wind turbine farm? Your thoughts?

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