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Kidsmeet – hacking the curriculum

Today Priory school took part in a project called Kidsmeet. Ten pupils were chosen from each of five different schools to take part in the first south coast Kidsmeet, it was located on HMS Warrior.On board HMS Warrior
Kidsmeet gives the opportunity for us pupils to express our views on the curriculum. It is a chance to share our ideas, and for kids to teach the teachers. We started off by brainstorming our ideas on paper and came up with a final idea of how we would like to change the curriculum.
We decided we would like to use technology to create a new curriculum with relevant time topics whilst using pupils that are knowledgeable in the topics (“student experts”) to link them. We feel that if we were learning about volcanoes in geography, other subjects should teach about it as well therefore linking them all together. Technology is also a big part to the curriculum and should be used in subjects across the school. This would meet Article 17 of the Unicef Rights of the Child which states we have the right to access information from the mass media.
At Kidsmeet, we questioned other schools about their use of technology in their school. 100% of pupils we interviewed only had the use of technology in IT classes, and the phone policy banned the use of mobiles. At Priory we are more unique and we encourage the use of technology by having a phone policy that allows use of our own devices. We feel it is a good use of access to research and contact with others. We also feel other schools should have this opportunity and we shared our views at Kidsmeet.

By Olivia

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