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Exploring poetry through laser quest?

Can a simulation of laser quest inspire poetry? Can it help you empathise with being in a difficult situation or war zone? Our school reporters tried it out.

Here is one poem:

Hot and sweaty ’twas the environment.

I clasped my gun to my chest, hoping not to be shot.

The atmosphere was buzzing. Red and blue lights hiding from danger.

Darkness: the game has began.

Ramps and hidden debris, fellow opponents hiding.

My head was racing and heart pumping as I ran through the misty atmosphere.

But yet I stood there with glee as I zapped at the red team.


By Alex

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Laser quest adventure simulation

Laser quest was really fun but it was quite hard. It was also hard because it was really dark and noisy but overall it was really good and fun to play against your friends. You also let your competitive side out and you take it seriously. I also got annoyed because I would hit the opponents anywhere but where we were supposed to hit them in specific places which was difficult. If I were in a real battle field I would be quite scared but I’d rather stick with laser quest and competition.


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