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Mobile Madness!

Most of us have one in our pocket, and some people say they rule our lives. I am of course talking about mobile devices. But, should children be allowed to use them in schools? We went to find out.

“You could use them if there weren’t enough computers left in the class” says Emily from Priory School. “It would help us investigate.”

According to The Guardian, the Union Chief has said “Pupils should reap the benefits of technology and not be punished for using it” – surely this means we should be encouraged to use mobile devices safely? That’s what the Unicef rights of the child say too.

Although we know there can be problems sometimes, it’s said that “They have lots of access to information so they would be really useful in class” says Miss Lowry. And it’s not often you see someone in school using their phone wrongly. Not as often as seeing someone doodle or throw paper anyway!

Priory school in Portsmouth has a mobile policy which allows students to use their phones at break times and, if the teacher allows it, during lessons. We asked about this, Ms Debens said “Using mobile devices can be a great tool to help students engage with learning, provided that the learning outcomes are clear. Technology is just another tool to use in teaching, and comes hand-in-hand with potential issues – but that’s the teachers’ job to manage. At Priory, we’ve found only 1.4% of all negative behaviour is to do with mobile devices since Mr Rogers introduced the policy to allow them in school.”

Many teachers across the country are for having mobile devices in schools yet some people are still scared, but you never know, in the future phones could be a very common sight in schools across the UK.


By Alice

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