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The sustainability challenge – will it stand up to testing?


Priory Portsmouth School has been down at the action stations in the historic dockyard and some of the pupils have been working hard all day to do the sustainability challenge. What they had to do is build a working wind turbine that must spin. They also had to build a house, a power plant and two other wind turbines. But when they tried to make it work it all fell apart. We came 3rd place. 😦 but they still had fun. 🙂

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The sustainability challenge: Priory vs Milton Cross

Priory Geography is an Expert Centre for the Global Learning Programme which means we try to take part in learning about global issues like sustainability, poverty, world development, the environment, climate change, etc and share this with others.

Today during BBC School Report some of Priory’s students have been doing a Sustainability Scrapheap Challenge against Milton Cross school.

The mission was this:

HMS Illustrious is being decommissioned and the navy are deciding what to do with it. Should it be turned into a floating hospital? Into a tourist venue? Or should the materials be recycled into something to make energy? What is the most sustainable decision?

Action Stations took a load of materials and scrap from the dockyard and created three scale model aircraft carriers.

The teams have to take all of the materials and use them to create a working model wind turbine farm.

The wind turbine has to look the part but also has to create a circuit that works – a lightbulb has to be lit.

It is Team Priory vs Team Milton Cross.


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Recycling HMS Illustrious!

Recycling HMS Illustrious!

Priory students have been developing ideas on changing HMS Illustrious now it is being decommissioned. Should it be a tourist attraction? Should it be sent to Hull? Or should it be sustainably recycled into a new wind turbine farm? Your thoughts?

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