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Kidsmeet & UNICEF Rights of the Child

This is a summary of the kidsmeet project today.

At Kidsmeet students got to be the teacher, and help create new learning activities. We discussed the changes with the new curriculum for Geography. Michael Gove , the head of education has not heard the point of view of the pupils, the people who are actually learning. And this seems strange to us. From his own point of view and his colleagues they think that children should learn the old fashion way of remembering facts off by heart but pupils beg to differ and would love to have a new curriculum, a unique brand new curriculum. We believe we need a more innovative and interactive style, as that will bring the kinds of skills we will need in our future.

According to Article 13 of the UNICEF rights of the child, children are aloud to say their point of view so at kidsmeet a group of children got to have their say of what they would like to learn. For myself, in conclusion in geography, pupils can get to learn about more countries and their cultures, expand their global awareness of Africa, south and east Asia and Russia, and much more. And we think our experiences can be improved through using the help and aid of technology.


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