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Team Bananas in Pyjamas shelter building

Team Bananas in Pyjamas shelter building

Shelter building for #geographycamp14

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#geographycamp14 Shelter building




We are up in the woods above Juniper Hall building shelters. Like Ray Mears or Bear Grills maybe! This is a challenge because it has to be strong, none of the sticks are the same length, it has to be waterproof and windproof but the wood is soggy from all the heavy rain.

Team Dung Beetle say their plan was to build a solid base first, then use sticks against the base then cover with leaves. It’s really fun!

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Review of day 1

So on the first day we got up to some team building games and exploring. First we looked at what makes a good team member. We all agreed that a good team needs communication, respect, cooperation, listening, decisions, sharing, caring, friendly, fun, hard work. Then we di games like the human knot and crossing the river where we had to work as a team to help each other solve problems. It was great funn and then we realised we don’t always listen as well as we think – and thata this causes chaos!

Then we had cake break and enjoyed the common room. We have to keep it clean and neat and what to show we are respectful.

After break we went into the woods to do minibeast hunting. Looking for bugs. We looked under leaf litter, under trees, in the branches, anywhere. We found lots of bugs and looked at them then set them free.

Then we went and set our small mammal traps. These are humane traps that don’t hurt animals. We put straw and food inside to give them somewhere warm and snug for the night. then we hid them so no predators like foxes or owls could see. Soon we will see what we caught and then release them.

After dinner we wrapped up warm and went on a night hike. It was pitch black! We had torches and also used our night vision. We climbed up Juniper hill. It was exciting and we heard foxes and owls. We sat on the hill and looked at the stars which was so bright compared to Portsmouth. Then we went back to the house and relaxed before bed. Good day!

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